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This list is not very extensive yet and may contain also sites with German text only. I tried to describe the sites a little bit to give you a hint what to expect behind the link. If you know other interesting links which you think should be listed here please send me your information. The picture is mostly "borrowed" from the site itself.

If you want to read a german page in english you can use the following translator module, which somtimes produces funny results but is better then nothing. Click on this before you click on the link !
Also it might help to send the webmasters of the "german only" sites an email. So they see that also a lot of english speaking people are interested in there websites and they might think about an english version.
Last but not least you also might consider to learn a foreign language yourself...

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Herbert´s Steinpage
Agates from the Saarland. (Only in German)

Dr. F. Krantz
Rheinisches Mineralienkontor

World wide known company which supplies everything arround rocks, minerals and geology. English website version available.

Homepage of Jürgen + Elke Tron
Nice collectors specimen from world wide locations. One specialty is fluorite.(In German)

Mineral Magazine Lapis
One of the biggest European magazines about mineral collecting. Extensive show calendar. English website version available.

Swiss Mineral Collector
Nice page about swiss minerals.(In German)

"Modifying the crystal habit of ammonium nickel sulfate and triglycine sulfate by tensides"
(in german) Nice web page with a lot of pics was originaly a paper for the "Jugend forscht" competition. (warning - long loading time !)

Giant crystal of potassium dihydrogen phosphate
grown from the solution.
Now tell me that growing crystals from aquaous solutions is no "big" business anymore !

Myrddin Emrys Limited
Extensive site about minerals, crystals etc. Nice section about labgrown crystals. Also offering chemicals.

About growing calcium tartrate crystals in gels
(unfortunately only in German!)

The Canadian crystal growing competition !

About snow crystals...
Lots of very beautiful pictures !

MAC Gmbh
Wholesale company in Angelbachtal, near Heidelberg Germany, with material of mostly Brazilian origin. Minerals, thumbled stones, carvings. (In German)

Martin P. Steinbach
Gemstone dealer specialized in stones with asterism and star effects.(In English & German)

Bob´s Rock Shop
Its worth digging trough his extensive site based in Tucson with tons of links and information. You might want to go directly to it´s
link list

Mineralogy Database
Over 5000 HTML pages with mineral data ! If you want the formula or any data about the rarest minerals look here ! Very good section about crystal systems with interactive moveable crystal models. A must see site !

Vereinigung der Freunde der Mineralogie und Geologie e.V.
(Association of the Friends of Mineralogy and Geology).
The official German mineral club with own magazine "Der Aufschluß".(In German)

Agates from Germany
This site is not very big but in english !

Homepage of Richard Bayerl
Featuring minerals from the famous Clara Mine, Wolfach, Black Forrest, Germany.
(In German)

Collection of the Mining Academy

Pictures from the collection of the technical university in Clausthal-Zellerfel in ther Harz mountains, Germany.(English version available)

CK Minerals
Homepage of Australian mineral dealer & collector Cyril Kovac. Lots of pics from Australian & world wide minerals.

Munich Mineral Show
Homepage of one of the biggest mineral shows in Europe. In German, English anf French.
Spessart Minerals
Very nice made site featuring mineral collecting locations in the Spessart mountains (in the greater Franfurt/Main area). Lots of pictures the one on the left is azurite from Altenmittlau. MinMax Mineralien-Informations-System
A mineraogical database in German. Also a database for mineral locations. English version available !
An unusual site about gemstones by famous author and gemmologist Richard W. Hughes. A lot of stories from behind and arround the world of gemstones.
Portal page of Bode Publishing wo is responsible for issuing the Mineralien-Welt the other big German mineral magazine. KS Jewellery & Synthetic Opal
Australian company seems to be specialized in synthetic opal .
(looks like Kyocera stuff to me) MIKON - Mineralienkontor
This (mostly) mail order company used to advertise "almost everything for almost nothing". Tries to have very competitive prices for equipment and minerals. Extensive mineral list. Rudolf Schupp Gemstones - Pforzheim
Wholesale company wih a long tradition also offering gemmological lessons.
Austrian site featuring links to geological and mineralogical themes (mostly german). IGL-Lengenbach
Visit the world famous Lengenbach mine in the Binntal, Switzerland. The top location for rare sulfosalt minerals. Many pictures, crystal drawings and animations and even model sheets for download to build your own crystal models out of cardboard ! So far only in German.
Dr. Steffen Weber
That´s the home of the fascinating JAVA crystal applets and of the JAVA crystal drawing programm. Many pictures, DOS programms and JAVA applets for download. A must see site !
A crystal drawing programm available in English, French, German and Italian ! The download of the trial version is free !
Bremen (Germany) University
Virtual Mineral Museum

Over 250 specimen from the collection of the universities museum accessable over thumbnails in 640 x 480 pixel pics.(Also in English !) Berthold Ottens
German mineral dealer specialized in the zeolithe minerals from the Poona-Nasik-Bombay triangle in India. Lots of pictures. So far only in German. Picture left is showing a yellow calcite from Jalgaon, India

Marin Mineral Company
An online mineral dealer with a great variety of well picked mineral specimen from worldwide locations on a budget. A lot of the specimen are less then US-$ 100.00 !
I guess the hometown is in Marin County, CA. So there is no wonder that the California state gem benitoite is also available from this site.(picture !)

Deutsche Steinkohle AG
(German Coal Mining Company)
Here you can go down into virtual coal mine. Nicely made, needs the flash-4 plug in.
All the fascinating machines needed in underground (almost automatic) coal mining are shown in action and are explained. Some good mining links.