Lab Growns

Rare Earth Salt Crystals

crystal crystal crystal
erbium acetate (app. 5 x 4 cm) samarium sulfate (app. 2 x 2 cm) praseodymium sulfate (app. 3.5 x 1.5 cm)
Er(CH3COO)3 • 4 H2O Sm2(SO4)3 • 8 H2O Pr2(SO4)3 • 8 H2O

This are three very unusual samples of my (mostly) watersoluble other lab growns.
The crystals have been grown by the evaporation method within several weeks.
From the rare earth salts also neodymium sulfate has been grown, which may be again available in autumn 98.
Rare earth salt single crystals come between US-$ 20.00 and $ 40.00 a piece.

Alum Geodes etc.

alum geode tower alum
alum geode (app. 10 x 7 cm) tower alum (app. 10 x 10 x 8 cm)

The alum geodes and the "tower alum" are mixed crystals of
potassium alum, KAl(SO4)2 • 12 H2O and
chromium alum, KCr(SO4)2 • 12 H2O
and grown by the slowly cooling method. Slowly means about 48 hours.
The geodes do not contain a core made out of plaster of paris, they are pure alum !
The tower alum is also "matrix free" and shows the typical "hopper crystal" growth. How its made is the factorys secret !
At the moment there is still some stock left from the time when I had a "wet" laboratory. And I am looking forward to have the production starting again (by a subcontractor) about early summer 1998.
The geodes and the "tower alum" come mostly out in standard flats of 12, sometimes there are flats of 24 or 6 from the "tower alum" type. I am also thinking about geodes in flats of 24 or 6 !
Prices will be app. US-$ 40.00 to US-$ 60.00 a flat.

Copper Sulfate and others...

copper sulfate
CuSO4 • 5 H2O
yellow colored alum
KAl(SO4)2 • 12 H2O
white alum
KAl(SO4)2 • 12 H2O
pink alum
KAl(SO4)2 • 12 H2O
green ammonium magnesium sulfate
(various color shades available!)
(NH4)2Mg(SO4)2 • 6 H2O

These crystals come with or without matrix (then they have been grown on a string !) and are available in flats of 54, 35, 24 and 12. Price per flat is between US-$ 40.00 and US-$ 60.00 depending on type, size and quality. Of course flats can be mixed . There are added more and more different types, color shades and combinations also we are looking forward that every specimen is labeled with name and chemical formula.

Where and how to buy

Best idea is to see me at one of my shows or visit me at home. Shipping mostly does not pay but its possible of course.


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